Kingdom Plantae – Plants
Subkingdom TBD
Superdivision TBD
Division TBD
Class TBD
Subclass TBD
Order TBD
Family TBD
Genus TBD
Species TBD


"Whipgrass" was discovered during the first day of exploration post Alpha Drop by a party lead by Robert Grant and named by Theric Rarson for the way it moves in the wind.


When not suppressed by Grazers, the erect stems can grow to 60" (1.5 m) in height and has long, flat leaves which are often purplish at the base. Most stems are upright, but some will spread out over the ground. Stems are flattened at the base.


Whipgrass fibers, when soaked and dried, can be spun to make rope or woven to make a coarse cloth.


Tall stands of whipgrass appear to be a favored habitat of Clickers.

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