Unification Forces

UF Military Service

What is the Unification Forces?

The Unification Forces is a faction that is based around military service within the United Earth Authority. The basis of the UF is a group of Elite Soldiers within the Military who are dedicated to serve and follow mission parameters set down by the command staff.

The Unification Force works as a team in everything we do. We are the boots on the ground, We are the people who LEAD BY EXAMPLE, We are the heroes.

Why Should I Join the Unification Forces?

Why should you Join the UF? Seriously, Why? It's not like We act as a single, well oiled, Fighting Machine. We don't. We belong to different Units under the same flag. We follow closely to the traditional Standard of Operations within the US Military. Within each Unit are different individuals with certain traits and skills. Now think of multiple units with multiple individuals with unique sets and skills working together on different projects at once. That's what we do. Even though we may be different as individuals, its our differences that unites us and makes us the strongest force to be reckoned with.

What should I know to play this faction?

You need to know your rank. Your rank is based off skills you take and the path you pick. Currently this system is in testing, so please contact a military player via the message board to find out what you need to take to acquire the rank you want. Just note that all ranks are approved by the Story Telling staff. Typically the highest rank you can start out with is a Captain.

The UF Military is based heavily on the US Military. We salute in the traditional military salute, while the civilian government salute with their hand to their chest.

Other useful information:

The following links provide more information to help round out your character and get you started on building a costume. Please remember that all military ranks must be approved by the GM staff.

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Tips on Costuming

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