Triad Corporation

Who are we?

We are the last capitalistic force on earth and the first one here on New Unity. We specialize in new world exploration and exploitation. We were meant to come in second at earliest with our E&E and I&S team helping explore and set up the origins of the colony. Then R&R was suppose to drop and help gather all knowledge about the new world we may need. As you can see that order isn't working since Father is dropping us oddly. Currently Triad have one admin on site, Varric Lancaster, several Security Members lead by Commander Black, several E&E members, a small number of R&R members, and almost no I&S members. To see more about our listed personnel look at the colonist list.

Why be part of triad?

If you enjoy luxuries and getting paid for what you bring to the table not your perceived worth join Triad today! We are at a standstill for being paid at the moment due to the mess ups with father but have no fear, pay after the fix will be increased for all levels of triad! Negotiations will start when the second ship arrives to join us. That does seem like a while but I believe it will be completely worth it! If you have more direct questions talk to any administrator!

Why Medina/New Unitiy? Why are we here?

Triad is here to assist the UEA on a contact basis. However everyone is here for different reasons. Many wanted a chance to explore a new world, many were promised land and mineral rites after colonization, some are doing this to clean up their record of past transgressions, and some are using the opportunity to advance! Know one thing, after the success of this mission Triad will be the place to be! People who first colonize the world will be consultants, retired, and/or leaders of big groups when the time comes!

What should you do for roleplay?

You'll need to form an opinion on how Triad fits in with UEA. Being separate but under is a hard thing to imagine and every character will think differently. Some view it as a blessing, some view it as an annoyance, some a chance, and yet others as someone to show up. Many Triad members are valuable but not indispensable. Be too rude to UEA leadership when it is not your place and you may ace strict punishment. Be too complacent and you're walked all over. It's a balance you need to figure out for yourself. Everyone is welcome to Triad! In character creation you may notice many paths can lead to Triad, so don't be afraid to be somewhere else then Singapore or our administered zones. Let that shape your character! And lastly remember, there is likely going to be a point or has been a point where your morality of people vs Profit will come into account. Find the balance for yourself. Some it affect negatively some embrace it.



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