Thomas Riley


Triad Corporation, Contract Services


Security Contractor


Born 2177.11.16 to Capt Jerome Riley and partner Dr. Amy Gordon, Administered Zone Poland. Father KIA 2177.9.15, Gordon and TR transferred to Urban Zone Mid-America, raised in urban creche during Gordon TDY deployments. Admitted to Twentynine Palms Military Academy at age 15, Gordon posted to Amazon Basin special duty for medical support.

Gordon KIA 2194.1.14 when medical station overrun. TR granted psychological support for one year; report indicates minimal psychosis reversed after six months; TR approved to continue education. Graduated 2197.6.10, further records of action sealed by UF; list of repostings also sealed until final posting

Assigned to Amazon Basin Unification Force; went rogue to track down and execute his mother's killers. After-action report identified subject as post-traumatic, treated for borderline alcoholism. Court-martialed after striking psychologist during work session.

Hired by Triad Corporation Contract Service as security. Transferred to Medina Colonization effort under Triad support for Project Hegira, entered cryostasis Sikander

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