Technical Doctrine


Who are the Technical Doctrine?

The Technical Doctrine (often shortened to Tech Doctrine or Techies) is a faction that believes the best way to balance society is through the application of sciences, math, and engineering coupled with complex algorithms that change to meet situational needs. The results of these algorithms present an equilibrium that the Technical Doctrine adherents posit must be maintained for society to function at peak efficiency. Any perceived waste in a given system or by an individual is highly frowned upon and a given individual’s usefulness to society in the present or future, rather than their ideological memescape is considered to be the best way to judge fitness.

Why should you join the Technical Doctrine?

The Technical Doctrine philosophy may be right for you if you enjoy roleplaying about creating new systems to help give the colony more efficiency while pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery on this new planet. Medina has much to provide, but the echoes of humanity’s mistakes on Earth cannot be forgotten. It is up to us as Technical Doctrine to determine and apply techniques to keep the past from repeating and to keep the colony, such as it is, alive.

What should I know to play this faction?

First and most important, while many in the Technical Doctrine are advanced engineers, scientists, and mathematicians there are many paths available and players shouldn’t feel that they must play one of these to be a part of this philosophy. Administrators and so called “social engineers” who practice psychology and sociology as well as other vocations are just as important as are the above; their usefulness to society is different, but not less.

Technical Doctrine followers live in enclaves generally ranging in size from 1,000 - 10,000 people. These enclaves can be found both on Earth and in every other area of the Solar System. The largest enclave is on Mars, where many seek higher education at the university of engineering, sciences, and mathematics. Smaller enclaves exist all over Earth, including some under the oceans and in orbit. The colonies in outer solar system also boast a few smaller enclaves that may host as few as 300-500 people in the most remote areas. All enclaves are highly self-sufficient and very isolated, but due to the more recent trouble between the UEA and the Technical Doctrine they are under constant supervision.

The enclaves aren’t the only area that you will see Technical Doctrine adherents at work. In fact, they are well known for working alongside the UEA and other factions where it is necessary and it’s not uncommon to see them heading up various projects in a Primary Zone. The Technical Doctrine has been known to shelter those of other ideologies in the past if they felt that the person was or would be useful in some capacity.

History regarding the Technical Doctrine and the Schism can be accessed in the Archive. It would be beneficial to read through this to understand the background of this philosophy prior to your first game.

Other useful information:

Be ready for some tech-babble! You don’t have to be an engineer or scientist in real life, just be ready with some fitting roleplay regarding your character’s abilities. It helps if you brush up on using the words “efficiency”, “productivity”, “efficacy” and other synonyms of these words as you may use these more than once in every sentence.

There’s no dress code for Techies, but the unofficial color is gray and most wear something that fits what they were doing before they came to Medina. Some examples are scrubs for anyone in the medical or administrative fields, a jumpsuit for a more hands-on engineering type, or a simple set of gray clothing for a generalist.

Known Locations of Technical Doctrine Enclaves:


Galvez: Located where the city of Galveston, TX is currently found. Galvez is an underwater Enclave.
Nawlins: Located south of the current city of New Orleans in what is now the Gulf of Mexico. Nawlins is an underwater Enclave.


Taylor City: Home to one of the largest Tech Enclaves.

Other ares of the Sol Solar System

Asteroid Belt

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