Scientific Classification

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum TBA
Class TBA
Order TBA
Family TBA
Genus TBA
Species TBA


This creature is known by several names. "Tatanka", "Hippallo", "Buffapotomus", "Space Cow", "Whatabeast", and "Larry". It is a hoofed quadruped, very similar to an Earth cow or horse internally.

The hide of the juvenile creature is thick and covered in soft fuzz.1. It has a head that resembles that of an extinct creature from Earth known as a hippopotamus, or "hippo", and a body that resembles that of another Earth creature known as a Buffalo.

The only living example of this creature observed has been a juvenile.


  • The creature is a ruminant. It has several stomachs meant for consuming grass and other plants.
  • One juvenile creature, properly dressed and butchered, will provide 500 man-days of food.
  • The juvenile creature is mostly docile, unless crowded. At which point it becomes aggressive. It will attack by rearing up and striking with its forelegs.
  • While it was not witnessed visually, audible evidence of a battle between an adult creature and a swarm of Clickers was observed in the night of day 8 (For Alpha1 drop)/day 1 (for Alpha2 drop). The only evidence remaining was a very large pool of blood. It is believed the blood of the creature could induce a feeding frenzy state in clickers. This has yet to be tested.
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