Slaten Rome


Slaten Rome has no known faction. He has been heard to say he is United Earth Authority to some, and Triad Corp to others. Intelligence suggests he favors those that surround him. The only verified information we can find on him is that he does come from the Black Sector and may have affiliations with Aurelius Initiative, though we have not yet determined what those affiliations are. We have found no criminal record to link him to the Aurelius Initiative. Current theory suggests his allegiance lies with the Primacy Directorate. We are waiting on confirmation of that.


Slaten Rome is a master Technician, and has a growing set of skills including but not limited to - Computers, Hacking, Scrounging and Comms Tech. Oddly he posses no known weaponry skills. This is not to say they are not there, but we do advise to approach with caution.


Slaten is a wild card. We know nothing about him at this time. We recommend an eye be kept on him whenever possible to gather more information. We are not even sure if Slaten is his real name or how he got assigned to the crew.

These are the facts we know of subject Slaten Rome -

  1. - He is never far from his armed and ready companions.
  2. - There is something odd with his left hand. No one has yet to figure out what he is hiding there. Reports say it may be robotic in nature.
  3. - He is a master at staying under the radar.
  4. - Caution should be used around him at all times. He is an unknown factor and we have no ideas how he may react to situations, nor those of his companions.

++ Incident Report

  • The Commander experienced rebelliousness under questioning on where Slaten was from. Slaten and crew evaded questions and were sent to the marsh area to scavenge supplies.
  • Subjects were seen sitting on rocks with no one around.
  • Dr. Jael Strauss and Slaten were seen having an argument in the field in the afternoon.
  • Slaten found the majority of the pieces needed for the water purifier early on, like he knew it was going to be needed.
  • When comrade Gaius was taken down in a fight, Slaten took it upon himself to fashion armor from the exoskeleton of the Clickers corpse without authorization. He involved Aaron in this endevour and has taken a keen interest in the Clicker species.


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