SGT. Fister Wyngarde


Unification Forces


Platoon Sergeant for Dark Rider Squad
Combat Medic


At a young age, SGT. F. Wyngarde was destined to serve in the Unification Forces.
Coming from a long line of soldiers within his family, it was no doubt that Fister
would follow family tradition.

When SGT. Wyngarde was old enough to join, he rose in stature and was renowned for
his dedication to achieving the mission. After his second tour in the martian desert conflict,
Fister was sent to the UEA Military Institute where he received formal Military Training to
become a Commissioned Officer for the Unification Forces. Once he graduated and was pinned
the Rank of Lieutenant, Fister was sent to the Continuity Directorate's Office of Radical
Measures and assigned to the Threat Analysis Strike Team where he became proficient as
a Soldier and a Doctor.

Given the reigns he needed, Fister took over the command position for Dark Rider Squad
during the Amazonian Conflict. On his third tour, Lt. Fister was reprimanded and downgraded
from Lieutenant to Sergeant due to unfavorable actions against a Superior. After having come back
from a 3 day mission, the commanding officer for the Company that Dark Rider Squad fell under
told LT. Fister to take his squad back out into the jungle without resupplying equipment and ammo.
Fister told the Captain that was unwise and that his men needed to rest, eat, resupply and rearm.
Again the Captain stated it was no use to waste valuable resources when Dark Rider Squad was
going to cease to exist before the mission was over. Fister took offense to what the Captain had
said and proceeded to unleash the fear of God into the Captain and fiercely struck the Captain
multiple times causing serious bodily injury. Due to his actions, Lt. Fister was Court-Martialed.
Due to Lt. Fister's remarkable history of service, the Officers presiding over the Court-Martial
deemed it so that Fister be downgraded from the rank of Lieutenant to Sergeant so he may
continue to serve the UEA and lead Dark Rider Squad to many more victories.

After the Amazonian Conflict, SGT. Fister and the rest of Dark Rider Squad were put into cryosleep
for some mission that was to come but yet no intel was given.

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