Who are the Rangers?

The UEA Rangers are a branch of the Unity Directorate tasked with keeping the law in the vast wastelands known as the administered zones. For the Rangers, home is on the road, trail, or hunt. They learn to travel light and fast while tracking their mark through terrain that spans every environment on Earth.

The men and women of the Rangers often work alone or in small task force groups. As such, they need to be able to live and work with those around them as they may need their civilian friends to help form a posse or to provide supplies in a pinch. And while the rules may be a little more flexible in the administered zones that comes with the need to understand when to bend a rule and when to hold the line.

Why should you join the Rangers?

If you enjoy the idea of playing a modern cowboy in a sci-fi friendly version of the Wild West; if you want to "play soldier", but don't want to have to deal with all the stuffy rank and procedure nonsense; if you want to be the toughest guy in the room, and you want everyone else to know it, too. These are some good reasons to consider being a Ranger.

What should I know to play this faction?

You should know something about where you came from. Focus on the geography of your chosen Administered Zone, and what effects that might have on the citizens there. Your Ranger's specific role and duties are also important. Did your Ranger operate alone, or as one of the few Companies that are formed for specific, difficult tasks or larger areas? Finally, being at least a little conversant in the fields represented by your skills can only help.

Other Useful Information:

Rangers are well known for being able to handle some of the most difficult situations on Earth. They're expected to get the job done and done right, often alone or with very limited backup. Ingenuity and resourcefulness are their best tools in any scenario.


Are the rangers a military organization?

No, Rangers are the law enforcement branch for the Administered Zones of Earth.

What should I wear?

Rangers have a widely varying dress code that would match the environment they were in on Earth. Any camouflage pattern that makes sense for the biome your character came from is fine to use, but Digital ACU and Woodland patterns are strongly discouraged as these are the Unity Forces (military/UF) patterns and Black or Urban Camouflage as well for the same reasons with the Enforcers. If you need to use these patterns for cost reasons, don't worry, but play it down with some other colors to mark yourself as non-Unity Forces/Enforcers. Generally, mixed browns and greens with camouflage are the best colors. The trademark of the rangers is a long brown coat.

Are there ranks, like in the military?

Due to rangers generally working in a solo manner ranks are not given outside of the following: Cadet, Ranger, Commander, and Chief. When Rangers need to work together for large tasks they form a Company and a Captain is assigned; this is a temporary position and title that lasts as long as the task at hand. Ranger Commanders and the Chief Ranger were not deployed on the Sikandar and are not playable characters at this time. Earning those ranks through an in-game method may be available later.

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