Pvt Marcus

Marcus Pvt

Aurelius Initiative. Conscripted to UF as a Private on his first day on Medina.

A competent and experienced soldier for the Singaporean gang De O' Ahna. Known to possess skills in hunting and survival. Suspected to possess skills needed to avoid detection from many types of surveillance equipment. Known to be able to operate various types of ground vehicles. It is highly probable that Marcus would serve well in a scouting capacity.

Nothing is known of Marcus' early life. No records of birth or parents exist. It is likely, judging by his specific Singaporean dialect, that he grew up in the Wahi Shanty Town on the south eastern edges of Singapore. The first known record is 27 years ago when at a suspected age of 12 or 13 he was detained by Triad Security personnel along with other known members of De O'Ahna for possession of illegally scavenged tech being sold on the Grey Market. Due to his age and apparent lack of knowledge he was released. His next known incident occured three years later when a gun fight broke out between De O'Ahna and a rival gang [Masy Ara]. Triad Security intervened. The result was two Triad Security killed one wounded and eight gang members killed. Marucs identified by surveillance cameras evaded capture. It is unknown if Marcus was responsible for any of the casualties. Two months later he is suspected to have been one of six individuals that stole a Triad R&D small ocean craft and illegally departed the Singapore Special Zone. The craft was recovered adrift and stripped of tech and equipment three months later near the Mogadishu ruins. Seven months later he was observed by several witnesses trading the scavenged tech and equipment for rations and survival gear in the Zone Cairo Black Sector Grey Market. He was believed to have been involved in illegal smuggling operations between Zone Cairo and Zone Tehran for approximately two years. One years later identified by surveillance camera trading illegal weapons for military grade cold weather gear in a Zone Moscow Black Zone. Enforcers were dispatched to intercept, but were unable to apprehend. It is believed he was responsible for the disabling of several surveillance cameras in Zone Zurich Black Sector nine months later. One month later it is believed he then infiltrated an ocean transport, in the Ghent Maritime Facility, and crossed the Atlantic. Four months later he is believed to have again disabled surveillance cameras in Zone Atlanta. Over a two year and five month period Marcus is suspected of, or directly linked to a series of illegal smuggling operations of the Du Roc Runners [ A smuggling ring believed to have connections with De O'Ahna]. Weapons, narcotics and stolen tech from as far south as Zone Mexico City to as far north as Out Post Winnipeg, where after a confirmed identification by surveillance camera. In which he is believed to have killed a prominent Du Roc Runner [one William Childres, wanted in connection to the ambush and murder of seven Rangers] Marcus, who was believed injured in the exchange, disappears entirely. Seven months later he was Identified by surveillance camera near Out Post Kansas City where he disabled the tracking device and stole a ground transport. The transport was recovered, two weeks later, in Zone Dallas with genetic identifiers linking Marcus to it's theft. Seven years later he was apprehended near Out Post Helena where Rangers interceded in a gun fight between Marcus and several members of the Du Roc Runners. One Ranger was killed one seriously wounded, all smugglers were killed and Marcus was also seriously wounded in the incident. He was slated for execution, however the surviving Rangers testified that Marcus was at no time an aggressor toward them. This, and his cooperation with Rangers as to the operations of the Du Roc Runners warranted leniency. His sentence commuted he was then sent to the Lawrence Grain Farm. He was involved in multiple violent encounters with other inmates over a two year period, often in defense of weaker inmates. He was relocated to the Macon Rock Quarry, where he stayed for three years. Again violent encounters with other inmates resulting in the death of two, again it was observed to be in defense of another. It was at this time he was relocated to the Salt Lake Industrial Complex. He survived a remarkable six years eight months at Salt Lake where initially there were some violent encounters with other inmates. This behavior ened abruptly after two years. It should be noted that these violent encounters ended following the unexplained death of another notoriously violent inmate. In the following four years at Salt Lake Inmate Marcus was observed using his skills at trapping to catch small rodents and birds to supplement the 1200 calorie per day rations which he used to feed his fellow inmates and was frequently observed giving all or portions of his own rations to the sick or elderly. It is believed that his initial reasons for moving from Singapore to the Administered Zones was to act as a liason for De O'Ahna smuggling operations. However it seems Marcus used this opportunity to make a break from the gang. It also warrants noting that certain items, articles of jewelry and a small knife found on his person at the time of his arrest were identified by Rangers to be of a style used by a Regressive Neo Primitive group that resides 100 miles north of Out Post Gallup. This may account for his whereabouts for the seven year gap between Zone Dallas and his arrest. Though the nature of the relationship, if any, between Marcus and the Reg. Neo Prim. group is unknown. Marcus was selected for the Aurelius Initiative due to his observed tolerance of of many ideologies, as well as his apparent compliance with Rangers and Enforcers. Dispite a noted history of violent encounters it seems to have almost always been in the defense of other individuals. It is believed that Marcus will continue to display overly protective behaviors towards others, though his sympathies will probably lean towards Neo Primitives and certain Utopian sects. All UEA forces and representatives should utilize Marcus with caution. Though he has displayed no aggressive intent toward the UEA he is to be considered extremely dangerous and highly expendable.

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