Penelope Drake


Tech Doctrine


Earth: Continuity Directorate, Civilian Support, Department of Loading and Logistics
Medina: Unity Directorate, Assistant Project Administrator


Strongly Prefers to be called "Penny". Hails from an undersea Earth-based Tech Enclave known as Nawlins in the Gulf of Mexico southeast of Zone Dallas and southwest of Zone Atlanta. Penny went to University on Mars where she dropped out of the engineering program after calling the courses inefficient for their non-application to her specific needs. She subsequently re-enrolled in administrative courses at the behest of her enclave's leadership. Though Penny's orders originally put her on the Salza she was moved to the Sikandar when one of the loading and logistics administrators was found to be unfit for travel at the last minute.

Penny's memetic fitness has been jeopardized in the past due to her defense of lowrates such as Neoprimitives and Utopians. It should be noted that Penny lacks tact in social situations and does not tolerate inefficiencies as failures or shortcomings in anyone including herself. She has been known to buck Primacy and put others before herself in ways that have imperiled her safety on training missions. Also, she has spoken out strongly against UEA authorities in the past when she believed their processes to be dangerous, too harsh, or improvident. These tendencies bear continued scrutiny. She is considered a non-threat to the safety of the other members of Project Hegira as she is non-violent and has a dislike of weapons in general. Penny speaks with an accent and uses dialectical colloquialisms; though lacking communicative clarity, this mode of speech seems to boost her morale for unknown reasons.

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