Milo Heskitt LT.


Unification Forces, Central Council


Head Psychologist, Memetic Fitness Analyst


Born in Zone Dallas in 2179, Milo Heskitt traveled with across the globe with his father Mason, newly promoted after completion of Officer Candidate School. His mother, Juno Heskitt née Dempsey, served as a pediatrician for several years within the Green Zone of various primary zones. She displayed a decline in memetic fitness shortly after Milo's birth, gradually adopting Utopian ideals. At age 9, his parents divorced, citing irreconcilable differences.

Milo lived with his father and stayed with an Authority-approved caretaker when Mason traveled for special assignments. Juno was later found colluding with the caretaker in order to reach out to her son, resulting in the caretakers arrest and Milo's tentative memetic fitness to undergo further testing. Results found a minimal, but permanent decrease in fitness.

In spite of this, Milo excelled in academics, graduating from the Cheyenne Military Institute with high marks in Psychology with elective Memetic Analysis. He was then selected to monitor the morale and welfare of the Central Council offices in Zurich. As an officer under Major Vivian Babineaux, he assisted and conducted various committees as well as privately counseling staff members with real or perceived complications. He also began studying psychiatry to further his skill as a counselor.

In 2205, Zone Dallas administrators posted a Wanted notice for Juno, declaring her a threat to Continuity with charges ranging from destruction of property, theft of vital supplies, and illegal distribution of pharmaceuticals. Against the suggestions of his command, Mason revealed this knowledge to Milo, who afterward displayed spikes and drops in memetic fitness activity related to emotional turmoil. It is unclear whether or not Milo visited Juno at this time; he returned to Zurich shortly thereafter.

Milo received a notice from Major Babineaux of his mother's termination in 2207. Although he stated he was capable of continuing work, Major Babineaux gave him 24 hour leave to go home and practice memetic exercises to control his volatile emotional response. The day after he returned, Milo submitted a request to join the Sikander mission. His reasoning included his expertise in counseling efforts for the Central Council, as well as correlating that experience with his memetic training to ensure that colonists with divergent thoughtforms could receive the help they would inevitably need.

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