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What is Planetfall?


Combining experiences from augmented reality, live action gaming and science fiction, Planetfall is a new breed of live action roleplaying game. Set on an alien world, the players take the role of some of the first colonists to leave Earth after it survived a dark age of environmental and political disaster.

Leveraging new technology in a revolutionary way, Planetfall is a whole different category of game, crossing the divide between the digital and the real to form a unique experience. To begin playing, please visit the Planetfall site and join our next event!

The Archive

This wiki is for player generated content only. For all background content on setting, factions and more, please visit the Archive.

Medina Colonist Roster

Meet the colonists who have been dropped from Sikander.

Colonization Progression

A list of all successful drops and the colonists in each.

New Unity Factions

Learn about the various town factions that have been established so far.

Flora and Fauna

Learn about the indigenous wildlife that have been encountered on the planet so far.

Geology and Astronomy

What we know about the earthly and celestial bodies of Medina.


Common terms and turns of phrase.

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