Leeroy Hopkins


United Earth Authority




Leeroy Hopkins hails from the Primary Zone of Dallas. At an early age, Leeroy knew he wanted to work as a ranger, providing Law and Order to the vast Administrative Zones of the UEA with his best Friend Troy. Early in Leeroys career, he was on a mission with a group of rangers codenamed the Dallas Cowboys, tracking down a band of wanted criminals. His career took a twist, however, when his acting Captain showed a most ruthless nature, ordering the group to abandon a wounded fellow ranger in favor of tracking down the criminals that had laid an ambush against them. That man was Leeroy's friend, Troy. After the group caught the criminal they were chasing, Leeroy returned, searching for his friend and fellow ranger, but Troy was never found, and Ranger records showed him as MIA until the day Leeroy boarded the Sikandar. After this mission, Leeroy forsook working as a company, and left to find his own honor and work as a lone Ranger. He patrolled and regulated law for years South of Dallas. On his last mission on Earth to check out a recent report of armed fighters ambushing caravans, Leeroy was ambushed by a group of grey market smugglers who had attacked a convoy headed to Dallas. He was able to escape mostly uninjured, and was able to kill the smugglers, but the event brought up memories of Troy and the ambush that cost him his best friends life, and it nearly broke him. Upon returning to the Ranger headquarters, the commander pulled Leeroy aside, and informed him that there was a position available on the Sikandar, and some Rangers were needed to help keep order and help the colonists establish a new world. He advised Leeroy to take the position, because he feared if Leeroy stuck around, the memories would cause him to break down again. And this time, it might be the mental breakdown that ended his career. Taking the advice of his commander, Leeroy left for the Sikandar. He prepared himself for Cryo-sleep, the 10 year journey, and attempted to prepare his already mentally fractured mind for the idea that he would never have another chance to find out what happened to Troy.

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