Jael Strauss


Aurelius Initiative, Deferred Punishment
NeoPrimitive, "Pikuach Nefesh" Commune


Medical Doctor, Scientist, Scout


For the better part of her carrier, Dr. Strauss has been a lowdoc serving Black and Administered Sectors around Zone Dallas, although she has received UEA training and certification as a physician where she also studied nutrition. As such she has experience providing medical care in primitive conditions as well as the ability to use advanced medical equipment and techniques. She has a strong interest in exploration.

Memetic fitness is hindered by her spiritual tendencies and beliefs.


Jael was born and spent her formative years in a NeoPrimitive tribe called "Pikuach Nefesh". The commune was founded by a group primarily made up of people who were of Jewish heritage but were previously unaware of it. These people banded together so they, and eventually their decedents, could study, try to understand, and reclaim that identity. (Not something easy to do in a post-Unification world.)

Early on she was apprenticed to the tribe's Doctor and while she showed promise she wasn't very motivated. That changed when her mentor began to take her out for "clinics". Which meant traveling to the rougher parts of the Administered Sector to provide medical treatment in exchange for trade goods that supplemented the tribe's well-being or ranging out with some hunters that would scour the inexplicably open area on the boarder of the Hive looking for game. These trips introduced Jael not only to a new level of human suffering but her ability to have an impact on it (However small). On her first "clinic" she met a boy not much younger than she was from the Black Sector named Landon Corvin, he was limping on a broken leg with part of the Fibula sticking out through the skin. His story of trudging along like that for the better part of the day, and his description of what happened when he tried to go to an "official" clinic made her realize more than anything how blessed she and her tribe were in spite of the poverty their low Memetic Fitness afforded them. They had a Doctor… SHE was (or would be) a Doctor. Not long after that, they came across a settlement that had been razed and that was when she first assisted in saving a life in a very real sense, she was hence forth dedicated to the study of human well being.

Some years later, at one of their "clinics" a group of uniformed men (more then were probably needed) barged in and informed Jael that her Memetic Fitness had risen to acceptable levels and they were there to escort her to a new life and a Residency at an Emergency Care Facility in the Hive. (Not in the center, mind you, but it was at LEAST 5k from the official edge!) Jael's aging mentor congratulated her in the language of their ancestors and urged her to take full advantage of this fantastic opportunity, but between all the exclamations of "mazel tov" it was, "If you don't want to go with these men I understand, but if you refuse they'll likely kill us all and take you anyway."

When she first arrived, the other Residents took to calling her "Doctor Barefoot". However, having trained on actual people rather than computer simulations and word problems, Jael did better than anybody expected. The only problem was when she tried to assimilate into life in a Hive. Any week she spent time doing something other than working or studying she would be called into the adviser's office and informed of a drop in her Memetic Fitness. It was easy to maintain that when working, where she was assigned patients and generally only spoke when spoken to, or when studying which involved nothing more than sitting quietly accessing the archive. There was very little to react "wrongly" to, and few opportunities to speak on any subject other than the symptoms and treatment of this or that patient (she had also stopped saying Prayers of Gratitude). She desperately wanted to keep access to the archives, so study and work as all she did. In spite of the fact she was learning all the things she dreamed of knowing, she was always drifting between miserable and numb.

A week before the year was up she overheard two of the other Residents discussing the sorts of places they would all go when their year was up… To a proper hospital deeper in the Hive, to a fancy part of the Green Sector, to Mars, or an Archeology, there was a possibility of… guh… staying here or even… (Horror of horrors) being sent out to the Administered Sectors.

Jael went back to her room, put a shawl over her head and said a Prayer of Gratitude. For the next week she spent all her off duty time going out and doing everything she could remember ever being admonished for. Even at work she would inquire from the patients their names, make a note of it, and then correct more experienced Doctors with that name when they refereed to the patient simply as "the patient". At the end of the week, she discovered her credentials, which were supposed to be presented at a ceremony that night, sitting on her desk after work. She said a brief Prayer of Gratitude that they had actually given her the credentials, packed up a few choice things (such as a laser scalpel) and returned to Pikuach Nefesh.

Her once mentor was now very aged and was trying to train a new apprentice, Jael was able to fill in where he was no longer strong enough to function so he could focus on treating the members of the tribe at home and teaching. She began holding clinics (where she saw Landon again, now a Unification Forces Ranger patrolling the Black Sector he had grown up in) to bring in resources for her tribe once again. Unfortunately her Gray Market clinic was raided one day by Unification Forces and she was hauled before some sort of tribunal. They informed her that she had a choice, she could go to prison (making the obvious joke) or she could volunteer for the Aurelius Initiative. They would even let her visit home to pack and say goodbye if she volunteered.

At the time, it seemed like a no brainer.

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