Ivan Lasiath


United Earth Authority


Specialist, 1st Class - Continuity Directorate, Ecology and Water Division (Colonization Support)


Born in North Hebrides Work Colony to Edenite parents, raised in Edenite congregation and underwent baptismal process at age of 12. Offered education at Glasgow School of the New Eden, refused post and transferred to apprenticeship as ruin runner in north Hebridean flood zone, working with ruin miners to retrieve equipment and materials for repurposing.

Orphaned at age 17 when both parents were caught in the fault-shift collapse of Ben Macdui south face. Younger brother reabsorbed into Edenite community; IL rejected offer and transferred to Continuity Directorate. Sent to south Floridian sub-sea Colony effort, cross-trained for ecological (water/air/hydroponic) support. Continued as part of troubleshooting and scavenge crew after training complete, transferred as necessary to land arcology and sub-sea colony sites to facilitate Continutiy Directorate needs.

At age 27, transferred to extra-Terran colony Ganymede to assist with recolonization effort following Schism. Acquired nicknames "Spaceguyver" due to range of skills and "Packrat" due to haphazard approach to acquiring knowledge. Advanced to rank of Specialist 1st class after masterminding response to breach/vent of colonial cargo airlock.

Transferred to Medina Colonization Project as support specialist at age 31, entered deep-space cryostasis Sikander.

Known to have been in contact with younger brother still (brother is now Edenite minister); may still hold basic Edenite views, although is not an active member of the church. Considered reliable, but eccentric. Acquires new skills quickly, but is haphazard in approach to learning.

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