Xenobovus charleminus "Grazers"


Grazers were one of the first indigenous lifeforms spotted immediately following Alpha drop, clearly visible from the landing site.

Origin of Name

The first Grazer encountered up close was nicknamed Charlie and was observed closely by several colonists including Aaron XP3 and Chief Agricultural Officer Aza Sinra. It was determined that these creatures were a potential source of food and other resources including fur and leather. Tests for sentience were conducted and have proved inconclusive. In light of colonist morale should the need arise to consume these 'Charlies', it was decided to give them a less personal nickname of 'Grazers'. Individual animals are sometimes still referred to as Charlies however.


They use their long snouts to drink water that is stored beneath the ground on Medina. These creatures feed on the local grass and shrubbery. Their long legs allow them to travel easily across long distances and harsh terrain.


These quadrupedal herbivores possess no visible natural defenses but did display aggressive behavior1 towards the Clickers which appeared to work as a deterrant. Chief Agricultural Officer Aza Sinra collected a fur sample and gave it to AARON XP3 for biological testing. A genetic analysis of their coats revealed a rare barrier against bacteria, disease and viruses. This barrier shreds these contagions preventing infection. Aza Sinra also marked the original "Charlie 1" so that it would be recognized if it returned.

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