Enforcement Service

UEA Enforcement Service

Who are the Enforcers?
The UEA Enforcement Service acts as the law enforcement of the Primary Zones. They are dedicated to the laws of the UEA and work around the clock to protect and uphold the peace. As the first line of domestic defense, the Enforcers regulate, observe, and assist the public. While the laws are harsh, it is the Enforcer's obligation to see them carried out in the most efficient way possible. They stand as the shield of the people and represent what it means to serve the United Earth Authority.

Enforcers are the shield, the sword, and the Unity.

Why should you join the Enforcers?
If you want to join an elite team of people passionate about protecting the public and the ideals of the UEA, then join the Enforcement Service. Medina is not the mission it was thought to be and the public needs Enforcers now more than ever. Together, the Enforcement Service is what stands between victory and civilization falling apart. Become an Enforcer today and uphold peace on Medina. The planet, colony, and people need you.

What should I know to play this faction?
To roleplay an Enforcer, you should be familiar with the UEA, its laws, and the Enforcement Service. The current Enforcers on Medina dress in all-black SWAT inspired tactical gear. They have Enforcement caps and badges, which can be provided. The Enforcement Service is loosely derived from present-day police departments and have ranks accordingly. You should pick out an appropriate rank for your skill set as well as have it approved by Matt or Riley. Much of the lore is posted on the forums and will soon be added to the website archive.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a current Enforcer in the game.

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