Psychologist, Physician, Diplomat


ELIZA 9 is a synthetic with Psychology, Medicine, and Social Science imprints. Like all synthetics, she was grown on the ship on the way to Medina and arrived with the first drop. She recalls several of the colonists from memories and dreams shared while growing in the pod. Her memory and programming imprints were designed from the consciousnesses of a few notable therapists, sociologists, and ambassadors, though ELIZA 9 experiences these memories piecemeal and from a distanced perspective. Her demeanor is amiable and compassionate, as empathy was an important component of her Social Science imprint, though her newfound consciousness seems, at times, to bewilder her. She showed immediate attachment to the Grazer organism upon first contact on the planet, apparently developing some sort of sympathetic bond with the creature and referring to it as Charlie 1.

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