Church of the New Eden

Who are the Edenites?
The Church of the New Eden, according to Archive, is "a neo-Christian religion akin to the ancient Peace Churches." True enough, but it fails to explain the calling of our mission.

We are humans, born from the hand of God and set as ministers over a world which knew no sin. We failed utterly in our missions, failed to read the orders of the Creator in the rocks of Earth, and we repent bitterly of our failure. We have, today, a new obligation: we must learn from the mistakes of the past, embrace the new chance we have been given (both in the Sol System and here on Medina) and expand our knowledge of science as we encounter the new and the strange. The future here upon Medina as a world of peace, prosperity and perfect adherence to the will of God depends entirely on us.

If Enforcers are the shield, and the UEA is the head, we are, we must be, the heart of humanity.

Why should you join the Edenites?
If you have rejected the profit-mongering of the Triad, and the soulless austerity of Unity and the Technological Doctrine leaves you cold, empty and wanting, we humbly invite you to join our ranks. Unlike most of the Utopian churches that struggle to find relevance in today's world, the Edenites acknowledge the world as it is, lay the blame for it upon the shoulders of those who failed to listen to the commandments of the Creator, and work to restore it to the Paradise it once was. We are accepted among even the highest levels of United Earth.

As an Edenite, you should be familiar with our four guiding principles:
*Stewardship of Creation: it is our mission to care for the creation of God. Our previous failure led to the results we currently see on Earth.
*Worship through Knowledge: ignorance was the primary reason for our failure as stewards. To keep our covenant with God, we must understand the science which governs His creation
*God is Peace: as far as possible, we live in peace. Violence should be reluctantly employed ONLY when all non-violent means have failed to resolve the situation
*Evangelism of Acts: we are not aggressivley evangelical. We hold no "crusades" and we hold no "revivals." Our daily lives, walking in humility and service before God, will show forth in this darkened world and attract others to our cause.

What should I know to play this faction?
Edenites are varied. Most are scientists or agriculture workers (and none of us carry firearms), but we have no single image of who or what we are. Edenites can be found among Project Hegira personnel, working for the Continuity Directorate in an attempt to restore clean water, air and power to humanity, employed as contractors to the Triad Corporation, or even under Aurelius as political "criminals." We are dedicated to our cause, and to keeping the colony alive, sustained and active.

You should know something of our origins (Archive has been updated with our history), and subscribe to our basic guiding principles as listed above.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a current Edenite in the game.

Other useful information:
Our standards for worship are spartan and direct. The neo-pagan dances and chantings of the Primitives are as repugnant to us as the ten-hour services of the pre-Collapse world. Simplicity marks our adherence to God; dedication and humility are our watchwords. We want no prating thumpers of books or pounders of pulpits and our faith should not be a thing of noise and pamphlets, but rather the indwelling Spirit, visible to all who see us. We should endeavour to live our lives, in public and private, in accordance with the humble acceptance of the will of God. Others will take note. In this world of secularism and austerity, our faith shall be a beacon of hope and a flame to see the world by.

A worship service among the Edenites is just as likely to be a learning/sharing information session on some new scientific advancement as a communal reading of God's Word and a time of group prayer. Simple, direct, informative, and focused on our covenant with God: this is our method of conducting worship.

We believe that God has directed us, insofar as is possible, to live in peace with all. A pacific response, whenever available, is always to be considered and tried first. We regretfully acknowledge that there are times when the peaceful means are not viable; our goal in such cases is to limit the violent response to that absolute minimum possible necessary to complete the objective or neutralize the threat. Use of area-effect methods are despised; explosives should be minimized and shaped to prevent ancillary damage; use of biological and chemical weaponry is only as a very last resort and only if the attack vector can be isolated to the specific threat.

Nature is not a monster to be dominated nor an enemy to be subjugated, but a mystery to be understood and a resource to be cultivated and cared for. Our scientific endeavours are second to none; our colleges and universities of higher learning are renowned as bastions of scientific advancement and opportunities. Among our ranks are many of the foremost scientists in biology, botany, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Our future, and the return of the world to the Eden it was before the fall of man, depends on our understanding of the very deepest mysteries of science.

Known locations of Edenite congregations and institutes of learning:
*North Hebrides Work Colony (old Scotland), Earth. Largest Earthside congregation. Many here are employed as "ruin runners," retrieving technology and other resources from the flooded north islands. Also home to the Historical Archives.
*Glasgow School of the New Eden (Glasgow), Earth. Institute of higher learning specializing in metallurgy, chemistry and physics.
*Collegium, Olympus Mons, Mars. Largest of the Edenite universities and headquarters of the Church of the New Eden

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