Colonist Roster

Colony Info

Planet Name: Medina
Drop Ship: Sikander
Population Estimate: 122
Fatalities: 1

Warning: These records are incomplete due to a lack of accurate record keeping and transmissions from the colony.

Colonists Known or Believed to be Alive

Colonist Name Faction Designation
Abel Lewis PFC. Unification Unity
ADAM 3433141596023 Synthetic Synthetic
Aden Walker Office of Radical Measures Continuity
Albert Lim Neocapitalist Triad
Alexander Chen Unknown Triad
Alexendar Grey CPT. Unification Unity
Andrea Anderson Utopian Unknown
Anthony Fauss Unknown Triad
Arnold Quinn COL. Unification Unity
Aza Sinra NeoPrimitive Project Hegira
Azrael Yeager SGM. Unification Unity
Benn Sanderson Tech Doctrine Project Hegira
Beth 7 Synthetic Synthetic
Brodie 64 Synthetic Synthetic
Cass UEA Project Aurelius
Christian "Boomer" Alexander NeoPrimitive Aurelius Initiative
Clark Elison UAE Project Hegira
Datura Solanaceae Neoprimitive Aurelius Initiative
Donald Murphy Neocapitalist Triad
Edward Dorn CPT. Unification Unity
ELIZA 9 Synthetic Synthetic
Ferendal Methabi Unknown Unknown
Fister Wyngarde SGT. Unification Unity
Francine Widerhorn Unknown Triad
Gregor Knoxville Unknown Triad
Grigs Unity — Ranger Unity
Hatch Tech Doctrine Unknown
Hawke SGT. Unification Unity
Ismay Wynter Edenite Project Hegira
Ivan Lasiath Edenite Continuity
JACOB 11 Synthetic Synthetic
Jacob Wells, Off. Unity—Enforcers Unity
Jael Strauss NeoPrimitive Aurelius Initiative
Jericho Moroy Office of Radical Measures Continuity
Jo Macmillan Unknown Triad
John Boyd Transhumanist Unknown
Joseph Faraday Ganondor Unknown Unknown
Kal Azami Unknown Volunteer
Kazimir Volkovich Kolesnikov Unity — Ranger Unity
Khristopher O'Dahlaigh Unknown Aurelius Initiative
Klaus Schroeder Transhumanist Unknown
Leeroy Hopkins Unity — Ranger Unity
Lucas Mame Unity — Ranger Unity
Mara Kroger Transhumanist Volunteer
Marcus PVT. Unification Unity
Melinda Ward UEA Continuity
Michael "Strange" Quark Edenite Triad
Michael Huang (Misha) Tech Doctrine Project Hegira
Midus Lechrondi UEA Continuity
Milo Heskitt LT. Unification Unity
Miranda Grant SGT. Unity — Enforcers Unity
Nadia de Vries Transhumanist Unknown
Nerouq Tech Doctrine Unknown
Nikolai Alessandro Locke NeoPrimitive Unknown
Octavia Ward LT. Unity — Enforcers Unity
Penelope Drake Tech Doctrine Project Hegira
Raphael "Verc" Vercelli Tech Doctrine Unknown
Reaper Unification Unity
Robert Grant COM. UEA Continuity
Roselynne Duncan Office of Radical Measures Continuity
Roy Kazakov Unknown Triad
Ryan Ortez, MD UEA Unity
Samuel Gander UEA Continuity
Shea Oleander Neocapitalist Triad
Shilo Two Feathers NeoPrimitive Unknown
Sonja Goodwin Tech Doctrine Unknown
Sybal Cyce Transhumanist Unknown
Tarsei NeoPrimitive Unknown
Tatiana Ivanov Unknown Unknown
Tehroh Unknown Triad
Theric Rarson Unity — Ranger Unity
Thomas Riley Unknown Triad
Timothy Tue CPL. Unification Unity
Varric Lancaster Unknown Triad
Velen Corvinus Unknown Triad
Victor Kandros Unity — Ranger Unity
Volker Geist Unknown Unknown
Zemira Lewis Edenite Unknown

Colonists that are currently Missing in Action or Missing, Presumed Dead

Colonist Name Faction Designation
AARON XP3 Synthetic Synthetic
Allie 4 Synthetic Synthetic
Arvital Washburne Unification Unity
Chloe Auferstehung NeoPrimitive Unknown
Chris Unknown Unknown
Christopher Cross Transhumanist Unknown
Creed Dagator Unknown Aurelius Iniative
Daxmillion Cyren Unification Unity
Drayeco Blak NeoPrimitive Unknown
Edgar Dunn NeoPrimitive Unknown
Faust Unknown Aurelius Iniative
Fiend Unknown Aurelius Iniative
Gaius Unknown Unknown
Hex Harkonnus Unknown Unknown
James Rabanzarelli Unity — Enforcers Unity
Jay Gordon Edenite Unknown
Jek Darren Unknown Triad
Jethro Unknown Unknown
Jerry Hermes Unknown Continuity
John Skinner Transhumanist Unknown
Kell J'ak Unknown Triad
Khamal Briggs CPL. Unification Unity
Landon Corvin UEA Unity
Lavender Martian Unknown
Latilic Unknown Unknown
Lucius Durant SGM. Unification Unity
Luke Azir UEA Unity
Maddix Unknown Triad
Marley Stratos Unification Unity
Miriam Lewis Martian Unknown
Nicoless Blak Unknown Triad
Orixa Transhumanist Triad
Punisher Da'Oh-gee Unity — Enforcers Unity
Richard Trask Unknown Unknown
Segaris Tech Doctrine Unknown
Sidewinder Unknown Unknown
Simon Helker Unknown Triad
Slaten Rome Unknown Aurelius Initiative
Soren Lancaster Unknown Continuity
T. H. Toffington Unknown Triad
Thaddeus McCann Unknown Unknown
Victor Corvos 1LT. Unification Unity
Victoria Corvos 2LT. Unification Unity
Vincent Wiessen UEA Unity
Zoe Shepard Unity — Ranger Unity

Deceased Colonists

Colonist Name Faction Designation
Ronen Matheson Unity — Enforcer Unity
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