Medinavirus domupalus "Clicker Retrovirus"

Clicker Retrovirus

Scientific Classification

Order Unassigned
Group Group VI
Family Retroviridae
Subfamily Orthoretroviridae
Genus Medinavirus
Species domupalus


The Clicker Retrovirus acts in the same manner of all retroviruses - The virus's RNA is reverse-transcribed into DNA, which is integrated into the host cell's genome. It is part of clicker anatomy.

Effects and symptoms

The effects and symptoms of the retrovirus are still under observation. The virus will attack red blood cells and skin cells.

  • 8 Days after infection results in no symptoms.1
  • 14 to 16 Days after infection resulted in inflammation of the lungs in at least one subject.


The Clicker Retrovirus can be contracted from Clickers in one of two ways.

  • Receiving a stab wound or breakage of the skin by a Clicker's raptoral arms will result in an acute infection
  • Contact of bare skin with a Clicker's clear gelatinous blood will result in a mild infection

Human to human infection is not possible as of the 18th day of infection.


First discovered by AARON XP3
Additional genetic analysis by Mirium Lewis

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