Christian "Boomer" Alexander


Aurelius Initiative, self-identified as Neoprimitive.


Deployed to Medina for skills in scrounging, demolitions, technician, and distillation.


Christian was born and raised in the Dallas hive, presumably by a Neoprimitive tribal unit. There exist no known records of a proper education. Upon reaching maturation he was found repeatedly hijacking supplies from the rationing system, as well as theft from those with a higher memetic fitness.

After arrest standard evaluation and testing, alongside pshyce analysis determined that his skills could provide useful for the colonization effort at Medina. The choice was given of either a work camp or proving himself useful away from the hives of Earth.

Since his drop to Medina, Christian has taken to being called Boomer for his eagerness in using his demolition supplies for the supposed good of the colony. Caution should be taken when dealing with this individual and as always future monitoring is warranted.

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