Brodie 64



  • Mental template model: early.
  • Primary imprint: technical imprint.
  • Secondary imprint: colony support.


Among the military, including all factions of gun-approved combat personnel, this colonist is known as "the helpful bomb". (This is due, in part, to his mass-production of caseless propellant for the express purpose of ensuring more ammunition.)

Skill Set

This colonist is primarily skilled in distilling, computer programming, technician duties, recordkeeping. Moderately skilled in first aid. Additional skills include psychology, driving, operation of heavy equipment, and mechanical duties.


As a synthetic, Brodie 64 is described as slightly stand-offish, in addition to being "underdeveloped". He displays a lack of properly-displayed emotions and no real grasp of idioms, humor, or sarcasm. Most often, he can be sighted near his dropbox, which he transports with him regularly. Often sighted scribbling notes down in one of the notebooks dropped by Father for his use. Once adjusted to, Brodie 64 proves to be amiable, if a bit odd, and eager to learn.

Previous to his template being downloaded into his synthetic body, Brodie 64 was born to unknown parents and left in the care of a well-respected arcology. Due to his mental failings, (namely diagnosed autism, compulsions, and color obsessions) his memetic fitness was considered incredibly low. However, once exposed to mechanical duties within an arcological experiment, Brodie soon proved a machine-like precision that far outclassed his peers.

Through a series of unnamed events, Brodie was selected to assist in the building of the first cryogenic chambers of his time. Unfortunately, due to an engineering failure, he was locked inside of one of the prototype chambers and subsequently frozen. Once dethawed and presumed clinically dead, his brain was image-mapped and formatted for use as a synthetic template.

Brodie 64 stands at roughly six feet, four inches, which comically coincides with his numerical addition to his designation. A thin structure with soft features and bright eyes completes his androgynous appearance. He is often mistaken for being female, and will most often correct those with the assumption.

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