Aza Sinra


Project Hegira, Subject has self-identified as supporting the Neoprimitive ideology.


Aza Sinra has assisted in the Food Production and Gathering projects since Alpha Drop. This colonist has skills in Animal Handling, Agriculture and Natural Phramacology. Additionally, this colonist has been recognized as a leader of sorts among the low-memetic fitness civilians.


A Neoprimitive Commune in Zone Atlanta is Aza Sinra's first recorded residence. This commune was shut down by officials after it was revealed to be a frequent stash for contraband and fugitives. That location has since been replaced by high-rise residences for citizens with higher memetic fitness.

Aza Sinra is next recorded in law enforcement records in Zone Dallas where she was apprehended transporting explosive materials with Tarsei. She also has been convicted in Zone Denver for driving without authorization and driving under the influence of illegal substances.

Aza Sinra has been seen to engage in proselytizing Neoprimitive ideologies and therefore could pose a risk to the memetic fitness of other colonists. She has close ties to known criminals such as Christian Alexander, Jael Strauss and Tarsei.

Zone Wichita Incident

Subject detained by UEA enforcers in Zone Wichita attempting to commandeer a liftbike. Subject appeared to be highly intoxicated, kept in detention for 36 hours during which time Subject attempted to bribe three guards with low-grade hallucinogens to be allowed to ‘run the siren’ on UEA enforcement vehicles. Subject released into Zone Dallas custody when it was revealed that the Subject had been involved in the Zone Dallas Incident.

Zone Dallas Incident

Subject was indicated as being involved in the smuggling of illegal explosives between zones. An accomplice informed Law Enforcement about the run and officers were able to intercept. Both Aza Sinra and Tarsei were detained and placed under arrest by Lt Octavia Ward. Both subjects were identified as eligible for probation and were discharged into the custody of Lt Octavia Ward for probation.

It was at the recommendation of Lt Octavia Ward that both applied for and were accepted into Project Hegira.

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